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    [来源:www.otahiro.com] [作者:567zx] [日期:19-06-12]

    Colour Matching in Website Construction
    1. Use a color. Here is to select a color first, then adjust the transparency or saturation (which is to say, fade or deepen the color) to produce new colors for web pages. Such pages look uniform and hierarchical.
    2. Use two colors. Choose a color first, then choose its contrast color (press Ctrl + Shift + I in Photoshop) and adjust it slightly. The whole page is colorful but not flashy.
    3. Use a color system. Simply put, use a feeling of color, such as light blue, light yellow, light green; or yellowish, ash, earth blue. That is to say, in the same color system, different colors are used to make the web pages more colorful without flowers and uniform tones. This color matching method is most commonly used in website design.
    4. Grey is also called "universal color" in Web design. Its characteristic is that it can be matched with any color, and the amount of gray can be grasped to avoid the graying of web pages.
    在网页配色中,尽量控制在三种色彩以内,以避免网页花、乱、没有主色的显现。背景和前文的对比尽量要大,(绝对不要用花纹繁复的图案作背景),以便突出主要文字内容。网站制作执行的工作类型 就业性质 Web开发人员可以找到所有类型的企业,包括大型企业和政府部门,中小型企业,或者单独作为自由职业者的工作。有些网络开发人员工作的一个组织作为一个永久的全职雇员,而另一些可能作为独立的顾问公司,职业介绍所或承包商。现代的Web应用程序通常包含三层或更多层,上规模的团队的开发工作,他或她可以专注于一个或多个这些层面 - 或可能需要一个多学科交叉的作用。
    In the color matching of web pages, try to control within three colors to avoid the appearance of web pages with flowers, disorder and no main colors. The contrast between the background and the foregoing should be as large as possible (never use complicated patterns as background) in order to highlight the main text content. Web developers can find all kinds of enterprises, including large enterprises and government departments, small and medium enterprises, or work as freelancers alone. Some network developers work for an organization as a permanent full-time employee, while others may work as independent consultants, job agencies or contractors. Modern Web applications typically consist of three or more layers of team development on an upper scale, and he or she can focus on one or more of these layers - or may need a multidisciplinary cross-cutting role.

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