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    [来源:www.otahiro.com] [作者:aoutmy] [日期:17-09-21]

    No.1  网站主题明确
    No.1 has a clear theme
    You must know what is the theme of their own website before, do not blindly to do a website, a website should have a theme, like a person must have a name, we want to know what you need to do what kind of website, need what to need what content, because like some enterprise website you can not do like the portal content large, cover and contain everything. Because it is not suitable, so it is necessary to identify their own corporate characteristics, have their own style, so as to give users a deep impression.
    No.2  网站图片不要太大
    No.2 website pictures don't too big
    Now many enterprises in the pursuit of visual effect, often put a lot of pictures on the website, since this may be increased by the appearance of the site, but also can cause the website open speed is very slow, even the picture too much, will not open, and too much of the picture will look like advertising as the user is not convenient to browse other pages, I personally think that the enterprise website to the user the effect should be concise, generous and not lose your own web site features!
    No.3  网站内容质量要高
    No.3 website content quality is higher
    The content of the website is a core website, website content must have value, to meet the needs of users, users love to know the original content, we must update the original content according to the amount of time, only the original content will attract more search engine spiders to visit your site. In this way, the weight of the website and the ranking of the website will be improved, but don't reduce the content of the content in order to pursue the click rate blindly. Web content must be unique. As long as you are standing in the user's point of view, to understand what they need, this article written by the user and will be the favour of search engine, search engine and user will make you more trust, trust in our website, because users feel in many sites, only the more ". I".
    — Now —
    - Now-
    Congratulations! You've dodged most of the misconceptions now,
    But make your website more powerful,
    You still need......
    Site title should not be replaced for a long time
    We should all know that search engines have an "observation period" for new sites, but if your site is in the search engine's observation period
    Modify the site title frequently, it will cause the search engine doubt, since this website is difficult to stick to it, so we site in the changes of the title of the time must not be too frequent, to small, local changes, but also to modify the frequency of slow down. After the title has been revised, the content of the amendment should be consolidated, and the construction of the website in Shanghai must be avoided. The title revision must be related to the content.
    The background of the website is convenient
    The corporate website will certainly have a lot of information to add, as some news and new products must be added at any time on the web, so the website background must be convenient for operation, so that enterprises want to add what things will be more convenient, don't bother, site management will be a lot easier, it is safe in addition, because the site background enterprise itself, no one else will go to contact!
    Site access speed
    I believe you should know that page speed is a key factor in keeping visitors to your website. If you can't open a web page in 20 - 30 seconds, the average person will be impatient. If you can't keep each page downloading faster, you should at least make sure it's as fast as possible. The Internet now very fierce competition, if the user to access your site for a long time but are not open or open very slowly, he is certainly not willing to wait, will close your web site, so enterprises must ensure that the speed of the open web site, because your site is not open to what use no, even if you do website how beautiful, how nice, the user also cannot go in, everything is equal to do, in this small series suggest when buying website space do not covet cheap, or give yourself trouble!

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